Our Customers

Speaking both personally and professionally, I find Very Private Intimate Moisture to be the perfect lubricant and my clients agree.

Michael Perry, PhD
Sex Therapist, Author, Researcher

I am a practicing internist. In comparison to other lubricants, Very Private Intimate Moisture is smoother, less irritating, and much easier to remove with only a small amount of water. I have found that it is in every way a superior product and recommend this lubricant highly.
Gerald W Labiner, MD, F.A.C.P.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine

Thank you for producing such an elegant and effective moisturizing lotion. The Very Private Intimate Moisturizer is an excellent lubricant, without a “sticky” feel and is easy to use. It has found excellent acceptability by all of my patients and is most satisfying to all. I highly recommend the use of this product.
John V. Wheeless, Jr, MD

I experience vaginal dryness but now that I am using your products my search for relief has come to a halt. I have used similar over the counter products but I have found Very Private products are most effective for me. On my last vacation, I forgot to take my Very Private products with me and they were missed. I want to thank you for your innovative insight, knowing there is a need for your products for women of all ages.
Grace Deen

I have been using Very Private Intimate Moisture and Very Private Body Wash with my patients for years and am very pleased with the products. The intimate moisturizer is far better than other vaginal lubricant on the market; it lasts longer, doesn’t become gummy, and is most like the body’s own natural lubrication.
I have found the Very Private products to be very helpful at many times in a woman’s life when vaginal dryness is a big problem: after childbirth, during and after menopause, while taking birth control pills, and after cancer treatments.
The Very Private products have been a wonderful addition in my gynecology practice and I highly recommend them to other physicians and patients.
Daryl Alexander, MD

My experience with your product Very Private Intimate Moisture has been excellent.  I far prefer the product to KY Jelly and other gel-type lubricants as it is a great deal more natural and leaves no residue. In fact, it is the closest thing to a woman’s own natural moisture.
I have recommended Very Private to many of my patients suffering from vaginal dryness because the product is safe and instantly restores their natural moisture.  My patients report that they are very satisfied with the product because it works instantly and feels so completely natural.
Richard Bank, MD

I have personally struggled with vaginal dryness, itching, burning and bleeding. I thought I was alone until I found out that I was one of millions of women with this distressing problem at which point I began talking to my radio audiences and developing speeches on the subject.
When I received the Very Private Intimacy Kit, I tried the products right away. WOW! What a product line. The moisturizer was so thick and lush and felt so good. It was very effective and made our sexual encounters wonderfully satisfying. Can you imagine the couples who will find joy again in their lovemaking and lives?!
Anita Finley
Senior Life & Boomer Times
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