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How to Add 10 to 20 Years to Your Life

A novel scientific theory, developed by an evolutionary biologist over 30 years of research, says it is possible to add ten and even twenty healthy years to your life. The key to longevity, Dr. Michael Rose at the University of California at Irvine proposes, is not some new-fangled theory, but understanding how our ancestors lived, what they consumed, what kind of exercise they did. That is the blueprint, he believes, to living a longer, healthier life. Dr. Rose selectively bred different fruit flies for longevity for many years. He found that one group lived an astounding FOUR times longer than their not-so-lucky cohorts. And they acted young all that time, maintaining high energy and sexual activity all their lives. Once...

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How Can I Develop a Closer Relationship With My Wife?

Dear Jacqui, Last night I came home late from work, as usual. I heated my dinner in the microwave, as usual. Helen was watching TV. She called “George, are you home?” and I called back “yes.” Later I read the newspaper and then prepared for bed. She was still watching TV. I laid in the dark and felt sad. What is the purpose of being together when we’re not together? Surely divorce has crossed her mind too. I don’t hate her. She hasn’t done anything wrong. I just would like to be happy. George   Dear George, Let’s assume Helen also sent me a letter. Perhaps it would read something like this: Last night my husband came home late, as...

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