This holiday, give your family great health!

Most of us acknowledge the fact that exercise, specifically daily exercise, is one of the great and natural ways to protect your state of health.

Healthy holiday wishes from Very Private

Whatever your choice of work out, all give you an edge; to avoid, dramatically slow down or even reverse a given illness from simple colds to the most threatening diseases such as cancer, dementia, or diabetes. Multiple studies have proven that even the most dreaded conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, can benefit from daily exercise which can change or slow down the course of the disease.

According to a recent Gallup Health survey, “55.5 Americans are reporting exercising for at least half an hour on three or more days a week.” That’s the good news. So why does the other half of the population avoid working out? Here are some of the reasons or excuses:

  • No health club in my area.
  • Don’t like sweaty bodies around me. 
  • Waiting…for the equipment, the shower, a spot in class.
  • I don’t need it, it’s too boring.
  • My club raised the monthly fees again, too expensive!
We turned to a friend, the fitness guru, for an innovative solution. “So you want to get your entire family off the couch and on a health kick? Here’s how. Christmas is coming. Last year I bought the family one single gift to share. I invested in an elliptical for all to share.”

“An elliptical?” I questioned.

“That’s right. I had some trepidation if it would work. Guess what, it was a huge hit. My teenage grandchildren use it daily, even my wife who dislikes exercising, got hooked. Every one of the clan has their own time on the machine, and each of us can get a perfect work out because the elliptical is completely adjustable. Go try it for yourself.”

We did. We visited several stores to try out various top line ellipticals. We were guided by fitness expert, Ryan Hoodjer, from Johnson Health Tech, North America, and questioned him about the pros and cons of different equipment.

We learned about a new range of hi-tech equipment, the Matrix A30 line with Bluetooth technology which my grandson thought was ‘very cool’ and can be specially designed to adjust to your specific likes.

It was fun to engage the entire family in the research. We chose the HRT7100 elliptical because it gives each of us a full-body workout in our own home while watching our favorite TV programs.

Now, a year later, we’ve become a 100% work out family. What’s important to me is safety, a plus for our machine which reduces the risk of injury – no strain on knees and ankles.

Another plus, the elliptical can work various aspects of your body in just 30 minutes. Most importantly, you can measure your heart rate and adjust it to your objective. With each stride you’re building muscle on arms and shoulders. It works your waist (I’ve lost an inch, hooray!); the belly and derriere get their share as do your legs, hips, gluteus, calves and thighs.

The professional grade equipment is expensive. But, if you add the club fees for multiple family members, the benefit to actually supporting your well-being and enjoying it, we think it’s a worthwhile case to explore. Statistics say that people who own home exercise equipment actually use it.

And that’s the point, the equipment is not the end-all gift: your family’s health is.

Happy Holidays!

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