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A Woman's Hormone Journey

Our bodies talk to us throughout our lives sending us messages in the form of symptoms and conditions. Maintaining great vaginal health is an important and often overlooked female health management answer to some of those calls.     Some of the more common messages a female body regularly receives are hormone-related, making first contact at puberty and keeping in steady communication throughout the menopause years. The two main hormone players in our lives are estrogen and progesterone, both of which are crucial to a woman’s health and wellness during her reproductive years.  When our bodies start puberty the estrogen level increases, bringing about the changes that turn us from girls into women. Progesterone’s key importance is helping our bodies...

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Feeling Dry? The Ways That Menopause Dries You Out

Perimenopause can wreak havoc on your hormones leaving you feeling dry, itchy and irritated all over your body.     The changing hormone levels that come from the onset of perimenopause brings about many symptoms. We hear about hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings all the time, but our bodies also react in ways you might not be aware of.  Keeping properly hydrated is crucial to your health whatever age you are, and taking steps to nourish the parts of your body which can become dry due to hormonal changes will help alleviate those symptoms as well as prevent them from developing into other, more serious, health issues. Here are 5 dryness symptoms of perimenopause to keep an eye on:...

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Yeast Infections And How A pH Balanced Feminine Cleanser Can Help

While it’s not usually a serious condition, a pH balanced feminine cleanser is one way to support great vaginal health which will reduce your likelihood of experiencing the very common but bothersome yeast infection.     While much attention has been paid to the pH balance of your hair, maintaining the pH balance of your body, in particular how pH balance relates to great vaginal health, should be part of your regular hygiene routine. Many soaps contain harsh ingredients that strip away your pH levels which, in addition to putting you at risk for yeast infections and BV, also contributes to dry and tight feeling skin. One of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy vagina and create a properly...

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