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Something to be thankful for: a FREE, 2-part system from Very Private!

As we enter the season where we celebrate togetherness and give thanks for our blessings, we'd like to give you another blessing to feel thankful for: If you have vaginal dryness and discomfort, Very Private's 2-part moisture system is a great way to relieve your symptoms and get you back to your best self. 

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How To Make Menopause The Best Years Of Your Life?

The menopause road is on the map for all women, and like most journeys being prepared for what may come makes travel easier and more enjoyable.     Society has conditioned us to view women in their post reproductive years in a condescending manner. However if you were to ask any woman she will likely say there is a huge difference in how she feels compared to her biological age, albeit encountering a few slight detours on the well-traveled path. With the onset of premenopause signaling the nearing of the menopause years the concept of menopause sexual wellness is, sadly, dismissed by most. Growing older brings about hormonal changes to our bodies but that does not mean your menopause sexual...

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Is There Menopause Symptom Relief To Be Found With Marijuana?

While the scientific health benefits of marijuana are just starting to be fully studied, there are many signs that cannabis can help alleviate symptoms common with perimenopause.     The debate on the use of marijuana for medical purposes will likely go on for years. It seems, however, that more and more women are finding they can find relief from some of their menopause symptoms with cannabis products. It’s important to separate any preconceived notions you have in regards to using marijuana for medical purposes: Cannabis usage is becoming more mainstream as people learn they can get relief naturally from a wide range of medical issues in various medicinal marijuana forms. Reduction in endocannbinoids signaling may be responsible for some...

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