How To Make Menopause The Best Years Of Your Life?

The menopause road is on the map for all women, and like most journeys being prepared for what may come makes travel easier and more enjoyable.


How To Make Menopause The Best Years Of Your Life?


Society has conditioned us to view women in their post reproductive years in a condescending manner. However if you were to ask any woman she will likely say there is a huge difference in how she feels compared to her biological age, albeit encountering a few slight detours on the well-traveled path. With the onset of premenopause signaling the nearing of the menopause years the concept of menopause sexual wellness is, sadly, dismissed by most.

Growing older brings about hormonal changes to our bodies but that does not mean your menopause sexual wellness can’t be nurtured. Gone are the days of PMS and monthly cycles, however you will now more likely experience new conditions, such as vaginal dryness or a lower libido. While those can seem a bit daunting for both you and your partner, there are some things you can do to steer yourself toward menopause sexual wellness and make menopause the best years of your life.

A great way to view the start of perimenopause is as an exciting new chance to put your years of wisdom and experiences to productive use. Some adjustments may be needed but you are at the point where you have the knowledge you’ve gained from your sexual experiences and are confident enough in your sexual desires to work towards reaching menopause sexual wellness

There are some key factors to keep in mind which will help you make sex life as fulfilling as it was before menopause:

  • Put in the effort for a healthy relationship with work and trust. At this point you need to ensure you aren’t being lazy or taking each other for granted. A loving touch goes a long way and holding hands is a great way to stay connected wherever you are.
  • Variety is the spice of life and with a little effort to mix things up what could seem stale and boring has a whole new level of excitement for you both. Bringing in some sex toys, doing some role-playing, or even trying out a new environment like a luxury hotel or in the backyard under the stars will add a fresh perspective.
  • Your traveling companion is likely encountering age-related sexual changes as well. Keeping lines of communication open and honest will help you both work through the changes you and your relationship are going through as you enter this next chapter of your lives together.
  • Go it alone to maintain both vaginal health and sexual wellness. Frequent sexual stimulation keeps your sexual responses intact and increases blood flow to your genitals which can help with vaginal dryness, vaginal elasticity, and thinning vaginal tissue. Plus it will keep you in touch with your sexual desires for future encounters with or without a partner.

We at Very Private believe in menopause sexual wellness and our Very Private Intimate Moisturizer was developed as a safe feminine moisturizer for women of all ages to replenish natural moisture during daily life as well as acting as a safe lubricant used with confidence during sexual encounters. A fulfilling and satisfying sex life is something every woman deserves at all points in her life!


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