Feeling Dry? The Ways That Menopause Dries You Out

Perimenopause can wreak havoc on your hormones leaving you feeling dry, itchy and irritated all over your body.


Feeling Dry? The Ways That Menopause Dries You Out


The changing hormone levels that come from the onset of perimenopause brings about many symptoms. We hear about hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings all the time, but our bodies also react in ways you might not be aware of. 

Keeping properly hydrated is crucial to your health whatever age you are, and taking steps to nourish the parts of your body which can become dry due to hormonal changes will help alleviate those symptoms as well as prevent them from developing into other, more serious, health issues.

Here are 5 dryness symptoms of perimenopause to keep an eye on:

  • Women of all ages experience vaginal dryness, and the hormonal changes menopause brings makes vaginal dryness a very common symptom. Which Safe Feminine Moisturizer Is Right For Me offers a comparison of silicone and water based feminine moisturizer options you can use to help combat vaginal dryness and maintain great vaginal health.
  • Dry eyes affect 60% of menopausal women. Women To Women explains the connection between Dry Eyes and Hormone Imbalance, and points out there are other imbalances at work that might affect the eye which often become more evident when your hormones begin to fluctuate.
  • According to the North American Menopause Society collagen loss begins early but is most rapid in the first few years of menopause. 8 Quick Beauty Boosts for Dry Skin and Hair from EveryDay Health shares tips on how to get moisture back into both your hair and skin.
  • A lesser known symptom of menopause is dry mouth. Not only can dry mouth cause you discomforts such as having a constant thirst or difficulties chewing, swallowing and even talking, but it can also have an impact on your oral health. Prevention's What To Do About Dry Mouth covers how to treat this surprisingly common issue.

Adding the Very Private Feminine Moisture System to your hygiene routine can help with some of your menopause related dryness. The Very Private 2-Part System is comprised of an intimate moisturizer formulated to soothe vaginal dryness and provide comfort, along with a pH balanced body wash designed to safely cleanse your entire body, keep you vaginal pH level balanced, and maintain the moisture created with our water based feminine moisturizer.

Have you experienced other dryness issue that you think are menopause related? Let us know as well as share any solutions that have worked for you in your efforts to combat menopause dryness so we can all be fully armed to defend ourselves wherever it strikes!  


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