Black Tie Function...Which Guy Do I Take?

Dear Jacqui,

I have an exciting black tie function to attend for my company and some of our top management will be there. In the past, I have always asked the same reliable “safe friend” to be my escort for business-related social events. However, three weeks ago I met a new man. He’s very attractive but…I don’t know him yet, and he seems to like keeping me guessing.

After we went out the first time he didn’t say a word if there would be a second date. I was a little surprised that he called again. I’m attracted to him and would like to spend this special evening with him. On the other hand, if he turns out to be just a passing fancy, I would prefer not to introduce him to the head of the company. Any suggestions?

-Karin B.


 Dear Karin

I think you do know. Listen to your inner voice which seems to be telling you “go easy!”. Since Mr. X is taking his time, do what’s comfortable, lead your own life and enjoy the evening with your friend on whom you can rely and let him take the next step. Hanging back is often better. Guys like to be the hunter and only move when they’re ready.

Another point to consider is that during the “getting to know each other” phase, the process of discovery is best to go through without onlookers, especially business associates and superiors. And if he turns out to be the right one you’ll have lots of opportunities for your friends and associates to get to know him.


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