How To Drink Your Perimenopause Symptoms Away

The hormonal changes experienced during menopause can bring about some form of dehydration, preventing your body from performing its normal functions and exasperating your menopause symptoms.


How To Drink Your Perimenopause Symptoms Away


When you are dehydrated oxygen and nutrients cannot be properly circulated in different parts of the body, and adding dehydration to your perimenopause symptoms will just intensify them. Fortunately that is something which you can control by ensuring you are getting enough of the proper liquids each day. In addition to staving off hydration, there are additional beverages you can drink each day that can help reduce your menopause symptoms:

  • The female body is made up of about 55% water on average so it's no surprise drinking plenty of water during perimenopause is key. Dehydration: The Unseen Nemesis Of Menopausal Women from Menopause Matters explains the impact dehydration can have on you and how to maintain a healthy hydration level.
  • Tomatoes are high in Vitamin B-6 which has shown to help maintain an ideal estrogen-progesterone balance that can make it easier to control menopause symptoms. Huffington Post's Tomato Juice To Ease Menopause Symptoms shares five ways that tomato juice can help ease your perimenopause symptoms.
  • While some tea is caffeinated, and drink hot drinks is the last thing you feel like doing in fear of triggering hot flashes you can enjoy the benefits of herbal tea while alleviating your menopause symptoms. Menopause Health matters but together a list of the Benefits of Herbal Tea for Menopause to balance and support your hormone levels while helping to alleviate and reduce perimenopause symptoms.
  • Fresh juice provides us with vitamins, minerals and a whole bunch of other nutrients making a daily glass of juice something we all should have every day. All About Juicing’s Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs Used for Menopause details the fruits, veggies, and herbs you can start juicing with to help ease your perimenopause symptoms.
  • When it comes to drinking alcohol during menopause the most important factor is that the amount matters. HealthLine answers the question Can You Drink During Menopause? by outlining how you can maximize the health benefits and minimize the health risks of alcohol during menopause.

The main thing to remember is that you need to stay properly hydrated and while water is key there are other tasty ways you can add some variety and reduce your risk of dehydration while also alleviating some of your perimenopause symptoms. We’d love to hear any beverage favorites and recipes that have worked for you so please leave a comment to share with all of us!

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