5 Menopause Stress Busters When It Comes To Menopause Skincare

As we reach menopause we continue to grow better and wiser but diminishing hormone levels and stress can have a big impact on our skin. Fortunately you can do some natural things as part of a menopause skincare routine to keep your skin in good health.


Menopause Skin Care


During perimenopause your body is producing less estrogen which makes skin prone to thinning, sagging, and wrinkling. On top of the effects of hormonal changes to your skin, stress can make skin drier, more sensitive and also trigger conditions like acne, eczema, hives, rosacea, and psoriasis. In fact, many skin disorders take their roots from the psyche which experts are now referring to as Psychodermatology.

When you are stressed out it can become easy to shorten or even forget key parts of your menopause skincare routine. With all the hormonal changes our bodies are going through, menopause skincare is often overlooked.

By adding some simple stress management steps to your daily life you can help reduce the stress-related effects on your skin as part of your menopause skincare routine:

Exercise – In addition to toning your muscles and burning calories, exercise helps skin in two ways. Exercise is a great stress reliever and it also boosts circulation, and with the extra oxygen and blood flow happening your skin can look brighter and healthier.

Meditation – Mediation and other stress-reduction techniques such as deep breathing exercises are easy ways to help you relax. Stress makes you anxious, tense and worried and spending just a few minutes a day practicing some meditation or breathing exercises can help restore your calm, nerves and inner peace.

Coloring – To get a quick dose of Zen, get out the colored pencils or crayons and get coloring. Coloring has been growing in popularity as a fun, easy and productive way to manage and reduce stress. Repetitive motions, such as coloring, have been shown to be effective ways to help to strengthen your focus and shift your attention back to a more relaxed state. Studies have shown that the best stress relief comes from coloring mandalas and other geometrical designs.

Sleep – Sleep gives your body a chance to recharge. When you get plenty of sleep it helps your skin fresh looking and can help prevent those dreaded dark circles under your eyes. Due to lack of sleep, changes in hormone levels and metabolism happen in many of the same ways that aging causes.

Water – Our bodies need water to function properly so when you are dehydrated your body is not operating as it should be. When you are stressed you are losing fluids due to things like an increased heart rate and breathing heavier, plus you may also forget to eat and drink well when under stress. It’s a vicious cycle: Dehydration can cause stress and stress can cause dehydration. By simply monitoring your daily hydration you can help break that cycle.

Keep in mind that the best stress relief solutions will vary from person to person. These stress busters are easy to add to your menopause skincare routine and are a good place to start to help you keep the stress level low. If you have any stress management tips that have worked well for you we’d love to hear them!


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