10 Tips For Menopause Sexual Wellness

Can menopause and satisfying sexual wellness life go hand-in-hand? Despite the symptoms that come along with menopause, a fulfilling sex life is certainly a reality! You may need to make some adjustments here and there, but it’s a great opportunity to try new things and to become more in touch with your body and sensuality.


Menopause Sexual Wellness


To keep intimacy alive during menopause we put together these 10 tips to help you improve your menopause sexual wellness:

1. Lubricate With A Safe Feminine Moisturizer

Vaginal dryness is very common during menopause due to the hormonal balance changes your body experiences that come along with growing older. The easiest way to deal with that issue is by using a safe vaginal moisturizer or lubricant.

2. The Power Of Touch

A quick hug or kisses on the cheek along with gentle caresses are easy ways to increase intimacy in your relationship. Something as simple as holding hands will help keep you physically connected outside of the bedroom. Even if you aren't feeling particularly sexual at the moment, simply touching your partner often in a loving way can help add a bit of a sparkle to your relationship and keep you close physically.

3. Use It Or Lose It

It seems counter-intuitive but not having sex can actually decrease your ability to have sex. Sexual intercourse naturally increases blood flow to your vagina which helps with vaginal dryness, vaginal elasticity, and thinning tissues. You may not be as active sexually as you once were, but to increase your menopause sexual wellness you should try to stay relatively active, either with a partner or on your own.

4. Make Kegel Exercise A Routine

Kegel exercises (also known as pelvic floor muscle training) are a simple contract-and-release exercise designed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which are often used for improving menopause sexual wellness. Toning your pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises will help increase blood flow and tighten your vagina which can help reduce vaginal dryness. In addition, Kegel exercises can also help enhance your sexual pleasure and improve your orgasms. You can do Kegel exercises just about anytime so there is no excuse not to make it a habit.

5. Stay Healthy

If you’re not feeling well, the chances are high you probably won’t be interested in sex. To help you feel your best be sure to eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, manage your stress, and treat any intermittent or chronic health issues. The better you feel physically, the better you will feel sexually.

6. Treat Yourself

Taking the time and care to nurture your inner self will help improve all aspects of your life including your menopause sexual wellness. When you are feeling good about yourself it’s easier to feel sexy and desirable. Pamper yourself with a massage, get your nails done, try a new look, or buy some new clothes. Just remember to occasionally do things that will make you feel good about yourself.

7. Stay Active

Being physically active improves your overall energy level, frame of mind, and body image, all of which can positively impact your menopause sexual wellness by heightening your interest in sex. In addition to a regular exercise routine there are plenty of other ways to stay active: go for a daily walk with your partner (me and my hubby take a ½ hour hand-holding walk every day after dinner), taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going for a Saturday afternoon bike ride…

8. Have More Focus On Foreplay

It’s normal at this time in your life to take you a little longer to become aroused, which is why foreplay becomes more important. Foreplay gives a boost to your sex drive, heightens your sexual desire, and it allows you and your partner to explore and appreciate each others bodies and the sensations foreplay provides.

9. Open The Lines Of Communication

Keeping your partner aware of how you are feeling and how sex is different for you nowis very important for both of you. It will also give you partner some space to ask questions and/or express how they’re feeling as well. By reaffirming your feelings for each other and discussing the various ways you can keep the intimacy alive in your relationship you can work through the challenges you both face regarding your menopause sexual wellness and bring you closer together.

10. Patience Is A Virtue

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you and your partner will both need some patient-love. Although intimacy during menopause will likely be different for both of you, there is no reason your sex life cannot continue being equally satisfying and fulfilling. As long as you put forth a bit of time and effort and understand expectations, you can work together to achieve menopause sexual wellness…and a little fun in the meantime!

A satisfying and fulfilling sex life is something every woman deserves, whether with a partner or on her own. If you have any menopause sexual wellness tips you’d like to share, please leave us a comment below.



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