5 Health And Wellness Resources For The Maturing Woman

While there is nothing that can be done to stop the passage of years, there are many things that we can do for ourselves to help prevent and treat the health conditions that come along with growing older (and better!).


Menopause Health and Wellness


We’ve rounded up five helpful resources for you to help keep your health and wellness on track as you enter Life, Part Two: The Older and Wiser Years.

  • There are certain symptoms most women over 40 commonly experience that are normal and to be expected as part of the aging process. While you probably have experienced most of them in one form or another at some point in your life, they can also be hinting at a more serious health condition. 10 Common Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore from EveryDay Health highlights common signs and symptoms that you should pay special attention to. 
  • Taking care of your health as you age will help you continue leading an active life as you grow older. SheKnows Fit at 50: Women's Health Tips To Embrace Your Age shares 10 healthy aging tips ranging from exercise and diet to regular health screenings and doctors visits.
  • The hormonal changes that take place before, during and after menopause not only affect your internal body, it also tends to change your skin’s physiology. Often times when a woman begins to notice changes in her skin, similar changes are occurring in the lining of the urethra, bladder and vagina. In fact, the cells that make up the surface of the skin are very similar in structure to those of the vagina and urinary tract. Mind Body Green has compiled The 4 Essentials For Great Skin At Any Age with simple steps to follow to help your skin be its healthiest.
  • Preventing stress is virtually impossible so all we can really do is to try and manage it as best we can. Healthy Women compiled Stress Less in 7 Steps to help you sideline stress. Keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for another so by trying out several techniques you should be able to discover the best stress relievers for you.
  • You can increase your muscle strength, help preserve your bone density, and improve your overall health at any age so it is never too late to take steps to improve your health and wellness. Fitness After 50: Tips For Starting Your Path To Healthy Aging from Huff/Post 50 encourages you to not let your age scare you away from the gym as only a combination of an exercise routine and eating sensibly can help you achieve your goal to aging healthily.

What’s your favorite health and wellness resource? Let us know in the comments below. The more health and wellness resources that are available, the easier it is to help keep our health and wellness a priority!

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