Which Safe Feminine Moisturizer Is Right For Me – Silicon Or Water Based?

 While adapting to the many hormonal changes our bodies go through during menopause, the mechanics of love making sometimes takes a back seat (no pun intended) to the symptoms we experience throughout the day every day. 

Safe Feminine Moisturizer


While we’re dealing with the fatigue, hot flashes, mood swings, and all the rest that seem beyond our control, one thing we can have some control over is our vaginal lubrication. Yep – that means having a healthy, moisturized vagina so that you’re comfortable during intercourse, or simply daily activities.

Vaginal dryness is a very common symptom of menopause and can be easily counteracted with a feminine moisturizer. You are going to be applying it to the most sensitive parts of your body so it is crucial to choose a safe feminine moisturizer, meaning one that is not harsh on you or your partner’s skin.

What are my options for a safe feminine moisturizer?

While there are 3 main types of vaginal moisturizers and lubricants, we are going to take oil-based (hand creams, petroleum jellies, baby or mineral oils) out of the equation as they have no FDA oversight or quality control for vaginal lubricant use and they can also easily degrade over time. Instead we will give you a quick overview of silicone and water based vaginal lubricants as your safe feminine moisturizer options:

  • Water-based vaginal lubricants are the most common safe feminine moisturizers and most closely give the feeling of natural lubrication. There is no issue using water-based lubricants with latex contraceptives (such as condoms, diaphragms, and sponges) or with sex toys. Water-based lubricants are also easy to clean up and are formulated to be nonirritating to all skin types.
  • Silicone-based vaginal lubricants last longer than water-based varieties. They are safe to use with latex contraceptives and sex toys not made of silicone. Keep in mind that some women are easily irritated by silicone, so be sure to test it out before using. Silicone-based lubricants tend to be harder to wash off bedding and clothing and are generally more expensive than water-based ones.

It is important to remember that any feminine lubricant regardless of ingredients or claims can cause you or your partner irritation. You will want to test it on a small area first and if you or your partner experience any kind of  burning sensation or topical irritation, immediately wash the area with mild soap and once the irritation clears up you can safely test another feminine moisturizer out.

Very Private Intimate Moisture is the only all-in-one safe feminine moisturizer and lubricant that replenishes your natural moisture. Our Intimate Moisture is water based, concentrated with a unique blend of hypoallergenic ingredients, and completely paraben and hormone free. All ingredients are rigorously tested and medically approved with both FDA 510(k) clearance for inter-vaginal use and OBGYN.net's "Seal of Approval".


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