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Welcome to Very Private

Enjoy the Pleasure of Being a Woman

Very Private’s mission is to help women achieve greater confidence in themselves; to feel comfortable with their bodies, to find effective and safe solutions for their intimacy and relationship problems, thus achieving greater happiness and closeness with their partners. It’s a total body and soul experience, celebrating a woman’s own feminine uniqueness.

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VeryPrivateProducts Our commitment to woman’s health is our mandate  to produce the highest quality personal care products to resolve the most prevalent body and intimacy problems that all women share at different times in  their lives. All Very Private products have received the highest medical  reviews and approvals for safety and efficacy; the “Seal of Approval” of  OB/gyn.net, FDA clearance for the Intimate Moisture including intra-vaginal use. FDA Cleared, OB/gyn.net Approved. ObgynFDAweb


  1. 1 Intimate Moisture
    Eliminates vaginal dryness instantly, heightens & prolongs the pleasure of sexual activity. FDA & OB/gyn.net approved. Dermotologist tested & approved.
  2. 2 Body Wash
    Cleans gently, conditions skin superbly. Has anti-bacterial & fungal protection, pH balanced, hypo-allergenic, non drying. Dermatologist tested & approved.
  3. 3 Body Silk
    Serious dry skin treatment, penetrates to the deeper skin levels to repair and revitalize. Hypo-allergenic, pH balanced. Dermatologist tested & approved.


Speaking both personally and professionally, I find Very Private Intimate Moisture to be the perfect lubricant and my clients agree. Michael Perry, PhD Sex Therapist, Author, Researcher

I am a practicing internist. In comparison to other lubricants, Very Private Intimate Moisture is smoother, less irritating, and much easier to remove with only a small amount of water. I have found that it is in every way a superior product and recommend this lubricant highly. Gerald W Labiner, M.D, F.A.C.P. Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, U.C.L.A. School of Medicine

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